Shockwave Therapy Customer Feedback

I can sleep on my side again!

I had shoulder problems with calcium deposits making any pressure on my shoulder and my movements painful. Now I can sleep on my side again and can move my shoulder completely pain free. We even saw the calcium deposits ‘BREAK UP!!” with the ultrasound, I am very impressed!!

My foot pain has completely gone

My foot pain has completely gone, I even started wearing my crocs again without thinking I had a problem.

I can walk again pain free

After a hip operation I developed Achilles tendonitis, it was very painful and started restricted my life. The difference since the treatment has been incredible; I can walk again pain free, now just come back from holiday and I couldn’t have walked so much before.

Improvement from the very first treatment!

You notice it from the very first treatment, I’ve had plantar fasciitis for 3 years now and I cant believe the difference this is making.


Golfers Elbow

I'm a 56 year old keen tennis player and I have been having treatment for several years, to help me recover from various sporting injuries. Acupuncture has successfully treated my tennis elbow with, but I recently developed golfer's elbow as well. I was very interested try shockwave therapy on this latest injury. The experience is like having a pneumatic drill hammering at your arm and I can't pretend it doesn't hurt. I had three treatments spread over 2 weeks and the results have been absolutely fantastic. I think the principle is that the process promotes inflammation, so afterwards the area feels sore. But once the inflammation had settled down, my arm felt better than it has for years. I have just played a four and a half hour tennis match, and have no soreness in my tendons at all - quite amazing. I am already recommending the treatment to other tennis friends who are struggling with tendon-related injuries, and I know if I have similar problems again, I will definitely ask to be blasted with the machine again!

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