Plantar Fasciopathy

Plantar fasciopathy (PF) is a painful condition on the sole of the foot, it is mainly the back of the foot or heel pain but it can be from the back of the foot to the toes.

It is experienced in the morning or when resting, sometimes it can be partly relieved by walking.

Ultrasound is used to assess other causes of foot pain including foreign bodies such as splinters that have peieced the sole, sometimes boey spurs may be involved further aggravating the facia. The facia is a network of tissues that connect the heel and toes. The facia and the tendons of the feet can become strained by improper footware, uneven terrain, loose ankle ligaments or flat feet. Poor gait or biomechanics can also play be a cause when walking.

It is quite common and 10% of the population may experience plantar fasciopathy.