We want everyone to get the best out of our shockwave service, if we feel that you would benefit more from a different kind of approach this is a chance to discuss this with you.

The NICE guidelines and current research suggest 3-6 sessions are best. Many start with three and then add additional sessions if necessary. We recommend a series of 5 sessions and then review.

Approx. 15-20 minutes, sessions will be longer if it is incorporated into additional therapy sessions.

As little as day or as long as a week or two is ok between treatment sessions.

Many people find it fells much better immediately after the session, however often it may not last and begins to feel sore again. Much of the time after a couple of three sessions it has greatly improved. In some circumstances one notice a difference much later. In these circumstances the new tissue stimulated by the inflammation process can take up to three months or longer to produce beneficial effects.

It is not really painful but can sometimes feel uncomfortable; the action of the shockwaves can produce an almost immediate analgesic effect.

  • Pregnant women
  • People who have had a steroid injection (up to 6 weeks before)
  • Young children where the treatments would be on bones near their growth plates
  • People with cancer

If you like we can accept your payment in easy to plan installments you choose how and when you pay!! (link to pay conditions). It makes you be able to have the health benefit now and pay later when this suits you.